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Family Lawyer for Divorce in Singapore

Family Lawyer for Divorce in Singapore

If you are facing family issues and looking to file for divorce in Singapore, your first priority is to look for a suitable family lawyer for divorce.

What are the qualities of a suitable family lawyer for divorce?

Female Divorce Lawyer in Singapore?

Some clients prefer to hire a female divorce lawyer in Singapore, especially female clients. However, there are 2 sides to a coin on this. For instance, if you are the wife and you think that a female divorce lawyer in Singapore will be able to understand women better, you may prefer a male lawyer who will understand your husband better. After all, it is better to understand what the other side is thinking so as to improve your chances of reaching a full settlement with him.

Experienced Family Lawyer for Divorce in Singapore

Family issues are delicate and involved many issues outside of the law. For instance,

  1. Can you retain your HDB flat after your divorce?
  2. Do you need to do a CPF refund to your spouse if you are to take over his/ her share of the flat?
  3. Are you eligible to sell your flat?
  4. What if you are a bankrupt- do you need to fulfil any other requirements for divorce?
  5. Can CPF monies be divided?
  6. Should you write a Will while going through divorce to safeguard your assets?
  7. What happens if there is family violence?

An experienced family lawyer for divorce in Singapore will be able to advise on the above questions, and more!

An experienced family lawyer for divorce deals with at least 300 divorce cases a year and specializes in family law. He/ she knows most issues connected with divorce and can readily advise you on pitfalls or suitable action plans.

Can Both Parties Use the Same Family Lawyer for Divorce?

The short answer is no, even if the divorce is uncontested. As a result of conflict of interest, family lawyers for divorce can only advise and represent one party. However, your spouse does not need to look for another lawyer if the divorce is uncontested. Your lawyer will prepare the draft divorce papers and your spouse will need to understand and agree to the contents of the draft divorce papers. Thereafter, the divorce papers can be executed before a Commissioner of Oaths and the signed divorce papers can be filed in Court.

This way, you will get to save money in terms of legal fees.

How Can a Family Lawyer for Divorce Assist You?

Your family lawyer for divorce will be able to assist with the following:

  1. Settle all divorce paperwork for you: from preparation of the drafting divorce papers, arranging a Commissioner of Oaths to witness your signing to helping you to file the divorce papers to Court, you can take your mind off the administrative aspects of the divorce.
  2. Help you with children’s issues, such as securing your children’s custody, or your access rights to your children.
  3. Get you a fair division of matrimonial assets which you are entitled to.


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