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Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

Choosing the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

It can be a challenge to choosing the best divorce lawyer in Singapore for you. Do note, that divorce lawyers in Singapore are all humans and different. A lawyer whom a friend recommended as a good divorce lawyer in Singapore may not fit your requirements. For instance, your friend may prefer a divorce lawyer who is meticulous and good at numbers while you may be looking for a divorce lawyer who understand your emotional needs better.

In general, there are a few steps to choosing a good divorce lawyer in Singapore who meets your needs and requirements.

Step 1: Stay Informed on Divorce

You have to understand what divorce is about.

  1. Do you meet the requirements to divorce in Singapore especially if you are a foreigner?
  2. What is an uncontested divorce and what is a contested divorce?
  3. What are valid reasons for divorce in Singapore?
  4. What is the general procedure to divorce in Singapore?
  5. What are the key considerations for divorce in Singapore?
  6. How do you manage child custody issues?
  7. What will happen to your matrimonial property?
  8. How much maintenance do you need to pay, or are you entitled to maintenance?

Reading up helps you to build up knowledge and this empowers you. You will be able to evaluate the divorce lawyers you speak to and understand the services you need (and what they provide).

Step 2: Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore (For You)

There are a few types of divorce lawyers.

There are the “one-man-shows” who generally handle your case together with a secretary or no staff member at all. You will receive the personal touch from these lawyers. The solo lawyer will likely not be available for “free consultations”. However, they are likely to have less overhead costs, hence your costs will be lower.

There are the “divorce law firms” which has a larger team to take care of your matter. They will be well-marketed and experienced. They may offer free consultations, but overall costs may be higher than the “one-man-shows”.

Step 3: Shortlisting a Few Good Divorce Lawyers in Singapore, Before Making Your Choice on the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore (for Your Case)

After having a basic understanding of divorce, and understanding the different types of divorce lawyers, you may wish to shortlist a few good divorce lawyers in Singapore for your consideration. You can search for them online, or by way of word of mouth. Remember, the best divorce lawyer in Singapore for your friend/ relative/ family member may not be the best divorce in Singapore for you! Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the shortlisted divorce lawyers and decide for yourself who makes the best fit with you!

Step 4: Choosing the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore for Your Case

After the shortlisting process, you can proceed to choose your divorce lawyer.

If your case is an uncontested case (with all terms agreed), you may wish to choose the cheapest divorce lawyer in Singapore. What an expensive divorce lawyer in Singapore can do for you (i.e. obtain the divorce certificate with the agreed terms), a cheaper divorce lawyer in Singapore can do likewise.

If your case is a contested case, go for an experienced lawyer (who handles at least 300-400 cases a year). It is a no-brainer that the more divorce cases a lawyer handles, the more experienced he gets. Experience comes with practice. He will be able to see issues that other divorce lawyers are unable to see. Also, check if you will be able to reach out to the experienced divorce lawyer personally, or will you only be corresponding with his assistant all the time. You are paying for a divorce lawyer, so you certainly deserve the attention of a divorce lawyer. Finally, ask for a complete quotation. A contested divorce is a draining procedure and you do not want to receive a shock at the end of the divorce process, knowing that there is still a huge bill to pay.


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